Midnight Flowers Bloom in the Lunar Light.

Fine Art Photography by Dana Leigh

Fine Art Prints
Fine art prints are available in custom sizes and on a variety of substrates :
 Acrylic Glass • Metallic Paper • Satin Canvas • Metallic Canvas • Watercolor Giclee • Fine Art Paper 
Beautiful lavender colored flowers are lite up from Moonlight and contrasted by the deep
dark night time sky.

Available Sizes to Inches:
Small 12 x 17
Medium - 24 x 34
Large36 x 51
GIANT48 x 68

In a dreamy field of flowers, these flowers rise up in the night time sky.

Available Sizes to Inches:
Small 10 x 17
Medium - 20 x 34
Large30 x 51
GIANT- 40 x 68

A closer view of soft delicate flowers with highlights of the Moon light and contrasted by the
night time sky.
Artwork is displayed acrylic glass, first panel is 40" x 68" and the second panel is 48" x 48".

Available Sizes to Inches:
Small - 17 x 17
Medium - 24 x 24
Large36 x 36
GIANT48 x 48

Hues of faded blue merge into the night as delicate flowers bloom at the first sight of Moon light.
Artwork is displayed in acrylic glass at 30" x 30".

Available Sizes to Inches:
Small 10 x 10
Medium - 20 x 20
Large30 x 30
GIANT40 x 40

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