Creating beautiful artwork
and interior spaces that
elevate the quality of where
you live, work or play is
my passion.

Making a powerful impact
through graphic
communications and video
content to facilitate in
deep, meaningful
engagement and visual
experiences is my niche.
Dana Leigh created dleighdesign, a boutique creative studio for artwork, interior design, and brand collateral design services.
Dana is a visual artist specializing in fine art photography, creative video content, watercolor paints, interior and graphic design.
Dana's design aesthetic focuses on how it will make people feel. She has expertise in creating stunning custom designs for interiors, architectural features, lighting, textiles, rugs, furniture, artwork, and graphics. 
She designs spaces that gives rise to the quality of the human experience to inspire and unite, bringing a balance of harmony and contrast.
Her macro photography translates into works of art of the unseen worlds to the naked eye. She connects to the profound vibrations of life and nature, bringing awareness to other dimensions of spacetime. All her artworks reflect a deep sentience of nature's expression of life. Dana's fluidity in her artwork embodies sensuality, emotion, and pure energy. She creates watercolor paintings of nature, and portraits of women, and combines her works of art with digital painting.
She has been working as a design professional for fifteen years. She graduated with honors, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and an Associate of Science in Architectural Design while receiving an NEWH Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement for Interior Architecture. 
Dana's foundation of professional design experience includes award winning, five star resorts nation wide. She designed luxurious residences and exclusive country clubs in beautiful locations for Discovery Land Properties, before she ventured out on her own.
She has designed for MGM Resorts International, Caesars Palace, Palms Casino Resort and the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas as well as many other brands. Her expertise and depth of knowledge breathes life into all of her design projects for hospitality, residential, and commercial design.
Dana is an avid mountain hiker where she finds a constant flow of design inspiration from the beauty and mystique found in nature. She is an ardent book reader with a keen interest in the physical sciences, mental science, and ancient wisdom. Her creative passions will also find her in the kitchen making healthy gourmet meals. She believes living a healthy lifestyle is the key to cultivating real joy and success. 

"Being truly creative reflects in everything you do". 
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